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Home Improvements to Lower Fire Risk – Appeal to Homebuyers

Sep 14, 2019

In the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire, more buyers are doing advance homework relating to fire risk. They are looking into insurance availability and cost. Consumers are taking notice of how a home for sale would fare in a fire.

Homes pre-dating 2004 were not required to have a sprinkler system installed. Although retrofitting with a sprinkler system is possible, doing so could be an expensive pr oposition. Swapping out a small capacity water meter with a larger one may be a pre-requisite in order to increase water pressure for sprinkler function.

Other items common in new construction that can readily be part of a home improvement plan, including:

Explosion-proof and heat resistant windows and glass fixtures.
Thicker and fire-resistant drywall.
Remove creosote coated lumber (think railroad ties). Use of these are generally illegal for residential construction but are often used in landscaping and horse keeping.
Use of materials other than wood chips or other dry mulch. Try decomposed granite or small stones to keep landscape weed-free and tidy.
Fire retardant paint.
Class A roofing material versus less fire-retardant roofing.
Fire-resistant siding,
Have a heavy-duty pump handy – designed for using a pool for firefighting.

Stay tuned for notices in our area for Fire Prevention and Evacuation Preparedness Meetings. For quick reference guide for semi-rural communities visit, look under Forms & Documents.

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