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Sumac Jog-a-thon

Dec 23, 2019

Biggest fundraiser of the year, the Jog-a-thon

Close to 400 students hit the jogging track, raising money to support Sumac with this year’s I Like To Move It, Move It Jog-a-thon. Students participated in a kick-off rally designed to inspire Sumac students to Ask Five to Keep Sumac Programs Alive! The rally encouraged each student to ask at least five people to sponsor them to help fund Sumac’s programs.  One hundred percent of pledges from the Jog-a-thon sponsors will enable the PFA to continue to provide much needed programs for students: Physical Education, Art, Music, Computers, Science and more.

The Jog-a-thon is Sumac’s biggest fundraiser.  It is even more important this year than in the past due to the fact that Sumac received less than 10% of our usual donation from the Agoura Great Race.  Nona Green and is a major sponser.

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