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Covid Corner: Should horses have to stay at home?

Apr 10, 2020

Asking for a friend who has four rescue horses that she rides regularly on the trails. For her, it’s stress relieving, time to meditate, a break from the physical confinement and back/neck strain of sitting at the computer. For horses, regular and varied types of exercise are necessary for their mental and physical well-being. What horse person hasn’t met a horse neglected to the point that it is so barn sour, or out of shape, that it is no longer ridable?

My friend is fortunate to have horses. She doesn’t want preferential treatment. Yet, those who jog or bike do not have to worry that abstinence creates a monster in the backyard. Horseback riders naturally distance themselves from others. Can horses be exempt from having to stay at home?

Many of us do not have an arena or even a large enough paddock to lunge. Riding on the streets where my friend lives in Old Agoura can be risky, not to mention that she still shares the road with bikers, dog walkers, and joggers anyway.  I’d love to know your thoughts on how she would get through this time of social distancing with horses.

Here are the official sites to see updated trail closure info:  Malibu Creek State Park, Cheeseboro Canyon National Park, Paramount Ranch

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