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Dogs, Fireworks, and Old Agoura

Apr 27, 2019

I hope your dogs were not freaked by the fireworks last night. I went to a party and while I was gone, my retriever scratched screen doors to shreds (trying to get inside the house) and then dug her way out of the yard and started running in a random direction until a neighbor (thank you Dr. Peter Roth – Agoura Hills orthodontist and animal lover) found her a mile away from the house. Jeez, you’d think a so-called hunting dog would just “deal with it”. Next year, I’m giving her a Valium and not letting her out of my sight.


King Gillette Ranch New Visitor Center

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GOODBYE to National Park Service Thousand Oaks Visitor Center – closing this weekend.

HELLO to King Gillette Ranch new Visitor Center – first ‘green’ construction project for the Park Service. Bio-diverse, historical and scenic, the Ranch was purchased from Soka University in 2007 after many attempts to develop the land had failed for environmental reasons. This is an important acquisition for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Calabasas. Real estate along Stokes Canyon just became more desirable for equestrians.  Horses are allowed, yet there is not yet a designated trailer parking area.  Trailer rigs might be better off parallel parked just north of Mulholland on Stokes Canyon Rd. which is plenty wide for a truck and trailer to u-turn.  There is a park access point right across from Stokes Canyon so you don’t have to walk the horses along Mulholland to the main park entrance. There is only a couple of miles of trails at this point.  If ever the park cuts a connector trail to Malibu Creek State Park, then King Gillette would be a worthwhile destination for riders. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed beyond the Vistors Center. Be the first to visit the park while before the cigarette butts take over:

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